Sunday, June 1, 2008

Friday Meme...on a Sunday

Borrowed from Kazoofus and Typical Momma...

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Working crazy hours at the best job I ever had and living my dream of working in advertising. Partying like a rock star with my 'family' from the agency.

Five things on my to-do list for today:
1. Get hair cut and highlighted
2. Go to niece's birthday party
3. Run to mall for sale on jeans (hopefully)
4. German translation
5. Spend some quality time with D and Soxy

My favorite snacks:
Chocolate; popcorn, strawberries

If I were a billionaire what would I do?
Pay off all debt for immediate family, travel, finish school without worrying about paying for it, whatever else struck my fancy

Places I've lived:
Pittsburgh, PA
South Park, PA
Wheeling, WV
Normal, IL (even if it was 4 days a week in a hotel)
Robinson Township, PA
Baden, PA

Jobs I've had: (You can tell I hadn't found my calling based on the number of jobs; also, I started working at 15 years old)
- waitress at catering place
- cashier at Foodland
- salesgirl at Hornes
- sales girl at high-end retail shop
- radio advertising sales and voice-over
- receptionist
- data entry
- radio promotions
- advertising account executive
- project manager
- usability engineer
- public relations assistant
- copywriter
- web mistress
- new business assistant
- interaction designer
- marketing manager
- senior business consultant
- senior internet consultant
- adjunct professor
- multimedia consultant
- freelance writer
- usability consultant

Who else should reveal not so revealing things about themselves?
Anyone who wants to!

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