Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trying to Look at the Bright Side

It's been 9 months...Father's Day was awful!

It wasn't helped that D was out of town.

Mom, brother & I went to the cemetery and placed flowers and an angel on Dad's grave. Glad I drove and had to focus because I was having trouble holding it together. From there my sister-in-law, who was dog-sitting, was able to meet us for lunch. It was really nice to sit around and talk with the family. Mom had me do some running to different stores for her. Mom doesn't drive.

After that I came home and started going through old photo albums. Made a collage for Facebook, posted below. BIG MISTAKE!! Spent the rest of the night crying. Crawled into bed and couldn't sleep...go figure.

Does this ever get any easier?

Here's the collage: