Friday, August 7, 2015

Back at It!

So summer is wrapping up around here as I have to prepare for my fall semester. I have a full-time contract with Slippery Rock University and I'm so excited. I will be teaching Public Speaking, and hopefully making it interesting and fun for my students.

I am also working on a couple of projects that are "work-related" article with my dissertation director; a presentation for a conference in April; and a book with an artist in England. I am most excited about the book, but must prepare for the semester first.

My neighbor is having a baby in September, so that means another baby blanket is in the works. My mother told her friend I'd make her a ruffle that needs to be done. I'm still working on an afghan for D and will let both of us snuggle under one blanket while watching TV. I am also trying my hand at a shadow box for Mom. I have some of Dad's badges and memorabilia from his time in the Air Force and his work in the steel mill and I'm looking for pictures to include. Needless to say, the dreams/nightmares are back as I'm trying to do this...lots of sleepless nights. But, I want to have it finished by the anniversary of his death (9/14) for Mom. My brother originally said he would do it, but it has sat in one of Dad's jewelry boxes and never got started, so I took it to get it done.

I'm also trying to plan a girls' weekend with one of my friends and a 10th anniversary get-away with D for my Christmas break as family concerns kept us from going around our anniversary.

Life is busy, but I need to blog more as it does help me work through some stuff. Miss my readers! Please say "Hi" if you're still out there.