Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slip and Fall...

On Friday, we had freezing rain and a package delivered. Usually they leave the package by the garage door so I  thought I could just walk down open the garage door and get the package. Unfortunately, it was a different guy this time and he hung the package on the door next to the garage door. I took one step to reach the bag and the next thing I knew I was face down on the driveway. Seems I split my forehead wide open. I also split my lip open, but that wasn't as bad. I haven't seen what the forehead looks like like since before they stitched me up. I have two "beautiful" black eyes, a large bandage down my forehead / nose and a bandage on my lip. Remember, my dissertation defense is on Friday. At least the stitches come out on Thursday....

Here's what I looked like when it happened:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FOCUS on NOT Having a Nervous Breakdown

My dissertation defense is a little over a week away. I am ready, I wrote it after all, so why am I stressing out? Not sleeping some nights, sleeping too long others. Tightness in my chest, sick feeling in my stomach, a migraine going on 6 days. I know this. I know that I know this...why is this happening?

I need to FOCUS my energy on last-minute review, not panicking...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Just a few projects I've been working on. Although I've posted them on Facebook, I thought I'd share them here also, just in case some people aren't connected on Facebook.

Before and After of my kitchen chairs:

Chair Before:

Chair After: 

Wreath for front door for Valentine's Day:


The fabric for the chairs was 60% off and I originally bought the entire set for 75% off because the store was going out of business. I bought the set in 1999 and it is still going strong, and looks completely new because of the fabric change. 

The wreath pieces were bought at the dollar store for $6 and about 15 minutes after I was home, the wreath was hanging on my front door.

The scarf is one skein of yarn, specifically for the ruffle pattern and I made it while watching the Super Bowl because all I wanted to see were the commercials. 

I have also completed an afghan for my aunt and am now working on another one, because I loved the design so much--in different colors, for us. 

I've been keeping myself busy until my defense.