Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Weekend...Nothing Productive Accomplished

This weekend was spent with my family. It was a good weekend, but things did not get done. Saturday found us up early and taking Soxy for a walk. Then I spoke with my parents and we were going to stop over there after breakfast to drop off some stones my parents wanted...also, it was my Dad's birthday, so we wanted to visit.

Before we even got our breakfast, our landscaper called and wanted to stop by and clarify some things for the work he is hoping to start this week; so back to the house we came. While we were waiting on Cap, our neighbor's daughter saw us and wanted to come play with Soxy. Since he was trying to spread mulch and she was having so much fun, I kept an eye on her while he did his yardwork and D talked to Cap.

Around 1:00, we originally left the house at 9:30, we headed to my parents and dropped off the stones. We visitied for a while and wished Dad a happy birthday and then we were off and running.

Sunday found us at my cousin's for her son's First Communion. It was a nice party and we got to see the family, including my Jeff's wife whom we hadn't seen since Jeff's funeral...she looks good. After that we came back home to let Soxy out and make sure the storms weren't too rough on her. Then we turned around and headed back to the South Hills for dinner at my parents' for Dad's birthday. We headed home shortly after 7:00 and spent the night working on the computers and watching TV. Overall a good weekend, but my final grades still aren't done for my classes which ended on Friday.

How was your weekend?