Sunday, April 14, 2013

FOCUS on Presentations

I am going to guest lecture at my alma-mater tomorrow and Wednesday on Website usability...a topic near and dear to me. I must focus on getting that lecture finalized as I am hoping it will lead to, at least, a part-time position in the fall.

I am presenting at a communication conference the following week on the need for a basic course in colleges to help students get ready for college-level learning. One of the reasons for this is that primary and secondary schools are not teaching the way that today's students learn. Bringing technology into the classroom, or at least restructuring the class so that today's students are learning the material is very important. The research is fascinating as it describes how technology has changed the way our brains are wired/function and that schooling hasn't changed in decades.

I am looking forward to both of these presentations and to getting back into the swing of teaching and presenting. However, I will be doing at least one of them on crutches as I had a minor tractor accident last Sunday and still cannot walk on my leg.