Monday, June 30, 2008

Poor Soxy is Sick

Soxy has an eye infection. Unfortunately, she is rubbing at it with her front paws and they are afraid she might scratch her cornea. Therefore, they have put a cone on her (those terrible head braces)and she is running into everything. I feel so bad for her, but luckily it is only until Thursday morning. However, D and I will have fun trying to get drops into her eye also. Wish us luck!


Chris said...

I am a Bad, Bad, blogger...To have missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! Hope it was happy, sure sounds like it was. Poor Soxy, I hope he is better real soon. Those coneheads suck!

cassie-b said...

Best of luck. Our very large Maine Coon cat is so hard for us to handle when things like that happen. And he's so strong!

Best of luck to Soxy for a speedy recovery. Those cones are just awful. And I'm sure they just don't understand,