Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy but Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend actually started on Thursday with our niece's dance recital. She was wonderful and is becoming such a beautiful dancer, even at age 9. Her solo melted my heart as I really saw how grown-up she is becoming.

Friday was spent working on my German and general straightening around the house. Friday night D and I relaxed as we knew the fun had only just begun for the weekend.

Saturday we did some running around and finally picked up the new railing for the front porch...long story but it was ordered in March from one store and then cancelled and ordered a week ago from another store because the first one never came in.

Saturday night it was back down to Uniontown for our niece's 2nd recital. Once again she was wonderful. The only thing I hate about these recital's is that the high school auditorium is not air-conditioned and it was above 90 for both shows. Then it was back to the house to pick up Soxy, play karate with our nephew and drive back to Pittsburgh.

Sunday morning came early as we did not get to bed until close to 1:00 am on Saturday. Then it was up to go shopping with my sister-in-law and my cousin. We went up to Grove City Outlets and had a wonderful time. With my school and my cousin's 3 kids, we don't get a lot of time just to hang out as "the girls" anymore. We found some great deals and had a lot of fun. Then it was home to chill with D and Soxy before the final push for my German translation.

Also, on Wednesday please say prayers for my cousin as he is having surgery to remove his bladder because of cancer and they are rebuilding his bladder from his small intestines. Then on Thursday is my pacemaker replacement...I'm definitely more concerned about my cousin as he has never had surgery before. Prayers for us both, but especially him, are much appreciated.

How was your weekend?

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