Friday, July 25, 2008

Soxy had Surgery Today

And she dealt with it better than I did. Soxy's eye hasn't been getting any better so we went to see the Vet Opthamologist...until this problem, I didn't even know there was such a thing...but I am glad there is.

The ulcer wasn't getting any better because she had an eyelash which was growing in toward her eye instead of out like it should. So they had to sedate her and remove the hair follicle so that it didn't grow back and cause problems later. While she was under they checked both eyelids and found a total of 4 eyelashes that could cause problems and removed them all.

She is back in a cone, but at least this one is smaller and perfectly clear, and completely knocked out from the anesthesia. I about had a complete meltdown, but luckily D took off work today for the appointment just in case I completely freaked out with what they told me...I am so glad he was there because I really would've melted down without him there to "talk me down".

Soxy has been sleeping a lot but otherwise seems to be doing well considering.

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