Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Vacation for Me

I am totally bummed right now. As my family heads up to the lake for our annual trip, I am sitting at home. Why? Because the doctor's couldn't give me a date for the pacemaker surgery in time to hold my reservation. Hopefully, there will not be a problem getting the room for next year. I am hoping to drive up for Saturday afternoon, but that will depend on D's schedule and the weather forecast.

I spent a wonderful evening yesterday with my aunt and cousins. I was able to see some pictures from the wedding that I missed (also thanks to the pacemaker scheduling nightmare) and watch my newlywed cousin beam with newlywed happiness. It was a great night of girl-talk as my cousin's husbands did not come to visit with them and D was in school. I really wished they lived closer than Chicago and Florida so we could visit more often.


Liberty said...

*hugs* Well, I'm sorry you didn't get to go, but hopefully you'll make up for it next year. Seems like you're definitely due for a vacation.

I guess in the meantime you can entertain yourself with the silly meme I was arm twisted into participating in... TAG! :)

Vito said...

Sorry to hear about your vacation.

I have to tell you that I finally figured out why you weren't showing up on my blogroll. Today I went to blogrolling and tried again to update your site, but no matter what I did it didn't show up in the blogroll on my site. Then Something hit me and I remembered that I got tired of Blogrolling and switched to the blogroll feature in Word Press!

I logged in and sure enough, you weren't there. I must have missed transferring your site when I initially changed things. I have now righted the wrong!