Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend Recap!

I want to start by saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all those mothers who read my blog and to those who do the work of mother without the glory of the title.

Soxy woke me up with kisses for Mother's Day! Such a great way to start the day.

My Mother's Day preparations started on Friday afternoon. Once I realized that my cleaning lady wasn't returning my calls and therefore wasn't coming this week I had to clean my house as I was hosting a Mother's Day lunch for my family.

Now that I have cleaned my house, I will be looking for another cleaning lady. I was shocked at some of the things that she never dusted in my house. Then D came home and we relaxed on Friday evening.

Saturday was spent scrubbing floors on my hands and knees (hard work and I'm still sore). Then we did some running around and went grocery shopping for Sunday. That night D helped me make German potato salad and my berry salad for the lunch.

Sunday my family came over and we had the fanciest cookout ever. As it was raining and cold, we had our burgers and corn in the formal dining room on paper plates. It was fun and an easy clean up.

Once my family left, we cleaned up and then packed up the car and Soxy to drive down to D's family's house. On the trip down we discussed home projects we would like to accomplish. We had a wonderful visit with D's family and ate again. Amazingly, the scale shows that I have lost 3 pounds.

On the drive home we called Grandmother as it was too cold and windy for her to come to dinner. We have promised to take her out soon and spend some quality time with her. After all, the time spent is the most important.

Now, I need to get some work done on my translation and reading list this week. As the weather is not conducive for staining a fence right now.

How did you spend Mother's Day?

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-d said...

napping... it was GREAT!