Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Global Warming My A** is May 14 and I am sick. I'm freezing, have a sore throat and ache all over. I had to cancel my 'play date' with my niece and nephews because I didn't want to get them sick. I have had my fireplace going all day while I sit here in my sweats shivering...with highs in the upper 50s for the next several days. I tend to think that global warming is a complete joke...kind of like Al Gore inventing the Internet. (Oh wait, isn't he the main spokesperson for global warming too?)

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Rob Carr said...

Actually, Al Gore is responsible for the public use of the Internet. At the time, no one could imagine that hundreds of non-academic civilians in their own homes would use the Internet.

The loss of ice from both the Arctic and Antarctic regions is faster than any model predicts, meaning (as the detractors have said) we don't understand the system well -- but it turns out the error is in the wrong directions.

One of the consequences to driving a chaotic system like the weather with more energy is that, not only does the average temperature go up, but weather patterns become more variable.

Growing up, though, these kinds of days were common in May. Now, they're rare and we see this type of temperature as an anomaly.

Interestingly, depending upon their genetic program, plants and animals are springing up much earlier than before. The problem is, some pollinators are using different algorithms than the plants. As a result, they don't appear when their targets appear and either the plants or the pollinators are starting to die off.

I wish it weren't true. But wishing won't change the laws of physics.