Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missed My Blogiversary--January 16th!

Oops! I totally missed by blogiversary...under different names for a time. But on January 16, 2003 I started my first blog...krushkreations. I can't believe I have been blogging for 9 years but I have met some incredible people through my blogs...in fact, some of those bloggers helped pick my permanent blog name--Therapy Failed--in a survey on my blog! Love you all!!

I enjoy blogging so much and am thankful for all of my readers--past, present, and those yet to find me. I must love blogging, I have done research on it in the past and am currently writing my Doctoral Dissertation on the subject!


Maribeth said...

Well, Happy Blogoversary girl! I think my 7th Blogoversary is in May!

Busy Mom said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Liberty said...

Incredible! Long long time for blogging. I'd say I've been blogging since 1999, but the last year has been quiet on the blog front. Ah well. Maybe I'll pick it back up again.