Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Have the BEST Husband

D knows I haven't been feeling too great with the neck/shoulder issue.
It also seems that I have picked up a head-cold...not a good combination.
I am buried in work this semester like never before and am feeling the stress.
This does not make for a very happy Krush...

However, I called on my way home from class last night to see if we needed anything. First, it was we're low on juice but don't worry about it tonight. And then, it was yeah, why don't you stop. So I stopped.

When I finally got home and opened the fridge to put the juice in, there were a dozen roses on the top shelf waiting for me...just because he knew I wasn't feeling good.

Is there any question that I have the BEST husband ever?!?!?! I love you D!!


Maribeth said...

Hey! I'll be down your way this weekend for the dog show. It'll be in Reinholds, PA. If you think you might want to come and see me and Anneliese at the show on Saturday, write to me and I'll send you directions. Even if it rains, it's inside a riding ring so all will be dry.

Mo Evans said...

Yeah to D for giving you a little pick me up. Thoughtful husbands are nice. :-)