Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1999-2007 A Little Better, but Not Much

Way back in July or August of 1999 I was in a pretty bad car accident, although at the time I was in shock and didn't feel the pain. After years of physical therapy, surgeries, and nerve-blocking injections, the pain is not much better. Seems I have part of my spinal cord / brain stem trapped in my spinal column. Also there is occipital nerve damage and severe muscular damage in my neck and shoulder. Today, I was back at my neurologist for my 6-month follow-up (yes still every 6 months after 8 years). He has prescribed muscle relaxants, steroids, and painkillers. Hopefully we will not need to do another round nerve-blocking treatments as I just had one a few months ago.

The doctors and others say I'm lucky to be alive, but sometimes I wonder if "lucky" is the right word. Damn it sucks to be in this much pain all the time and not even be 40 yet!

The only good thing about that accident is that my passenger was not injured. At least, there is no guilt because I have hurt someone else (even though I swear the accident was not my fault).

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Chris said...

Gosh, that is so sad. After all these years they can't do surgery or something?