Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have a Wii!

To celebrate D's graduation, I told him to choose the gaming system he wanted, as he kept looking at them and saying he didn't have time. Now that he's done with school, he should have more time to play. He picked the Wii because he thought we'd both play it. So far he's kicking my butt, however, I will get better.

School has started back up for me and it's already kicking my butt. Seems my wonderful MWF only schedule means I have to be at school (2 different campuses) from 9-9 on Monday and Wednesday and from 9-6 on Friday. Hopefully my Tuesday and Thursday down time will be more productive than today as I am still preparing my lectures for tomorrow.

How are you doing? Is anyone still reading??


MC said...

Still reading!

Anonymous said...

I got a Wii earlier this year. I was so excited when I bowled a 267, I took a picture of it with my cell phone. :) Enjoy!! It's a lot of fun.