Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Quite There Yet...

Still not back into the swing of a is proof:

1. Took a migraine pill last night and slept past the time I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch! AGAIN SO VERY SORRY!!

2. Had no cell phone number for said friend and had to call the restaurant.

3. Took taxes to be paid...forgot 2 of them, only paid one.

4. Just finished my presentation for my morning classes and still need to pull together my afternoon lecture.

5. Have decided that Aristotle and PowerPoint may not be the best combination.

6. Still have the migraine but refusing to take a pill so I don't sleep through my classes tomorrow.

7. Did little or no work on anything either Tuesday or Thursday...and these are my days to get work accomplished.

Hopefully my body & brain will kick into school mode with a schedule quickly or I'm screwed!! This is my last semester of coursework and I don't want to screw it up...any thoughts on how to get out of summer mode and back into a routine???


Chris said...

WOW, and I thought I had a rough week! At least there were no migraines involved in my problems. Hope you are now on the upswing of a great Labor Day weekend. ;)

Beth Fish said...

Oh yuck, migraines just ruin you day/week.

cassie-b said...

I hope you feel much better today! Migraines are the pits!