Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Need Motivation...Found Motivation

Need Motivation: I have been dragging on my writing these days. I just can't find the motivation to get moving...always something to distract me (i.e. reorganizing the master closet, making yet another baby blanket, etc.) but I need to finish my dissertation this year. Time to focus and power through.

Found Motivation: As of Thursday there will only be two of us that sat for exams at the same time that will not have finished. And, I know the other person is on Chapter 4, whereas I have just started Chapter 2....

No more excuses about my health stopping me. I need to power through and focus!! My screen saver now reads "Focus, Write, Finish" -- hopefully this will help fuel my motivation to get this part of my life behind me so the rest can move forward.

Any, and all, encouragement welcome!

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Kathy Howe said...

You can do this! Can 't wait to hear you are making progress!