Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update on Life...Again

It seems like all I do around here anymore is post bulletted lists of updates on life. Once again, that is what I have come to do...
  • Still working on my thought I'd be done by now.
  • Have the inside of the house completely decorated for if it would quit snowing long enough for me to put up the outside decorations.
  • Have not even thought about writing up the cards for this you have time to get on the list if you'd like one. Just email me with your address.
  • All presents that have been purchased and received have been wrapped; still waiting for a few to come in the mail.
  • Have my 3rd or 4th cold of the season, already...sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • Missing D, but he has one more trip this year and then I get him at home until after New Year's.
  • Spent my Black Friday with my cousin's, as always. Had a great time! Took my niece this year, it was an adventure.
  • Finished cardiac rehab and felt great; working out with my neighbor once I beat this cold. It hurts to breathe normally, not going to over-exert myself right now.
  • Soxy is mad at me as the tree is up in her favorite room, and I had to put the baby gate up to keep her out. Not that she would intentionally damage the tree, but her tail has a mind of its own; and she seems to have no control over it.
  • Spent Thanksgiving with D's family, but stopped at my parents on the way home. It was nice to see everyone.
  • Mom is really sick, D is out of town, as is my brother, so it is up to my Dad to take care of Mom, check on me, and check on my that is what my parents do.
  • Am making a New Year's Resolution now to blog more than 1x/month!
What is going on with you? How is your holiday shopping and planning coming?


Marianne said...

I'm very impressed... You've been busy despite being sick! I haven't done a lick of shopping, decorating or baking. How's that for being a scrooge? I'm glad you're feeling better!

cassie-b said...

Such a busy season!
I'm working diligently on Christmas preparations. The tree is trimmed, and a few gifts are wrapped.

Smokey Joe (my cat) is loving it. Me - not so much. It's just a lot of work. I'll be glad when the day comes. That's the best part.