Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guilt, Sunshine, and Dog-Induced Coronaries!!

I have been very neglectful of both my blog and my blog followers. I have not had much to say, but when I do, I don't seem to be replying to comments. I will try to get better. However, does anyone know how to retrieve email addresses from Blogger? I can't seem to retrieve the email addresses left so that I can respond to commenters. I am making a Springtime resolution to get better with this.

I love that I am on Spring Break and there is actually sunshine. Soxy and I took a short walk yesterday before I put her in the car to go to the vet. Although she and D have been out during the winter, my health does not let me enjoy this with them. So yesterday was our first walk since October.

Soxy decided that she wanted to visit her favorite vet-tech yesterday when we arrived at the office. She was so excited to see April that she couldn't go around the desk and instead attempted to hurdle the wall. I do believe she would've made it if I hadn't been in such shock that I forgot to let go of her lead. She still has quite the energy for a six-year old with hip dysplesia (sp).

I hope you are enjoying these spring days and getting some sunshine on your shoulders...OK I am a geek, I just quoted John Denver lyrics.

I'm done now!!


cassie-b said...

Isn't spring weather wonderful?
I've never had an animal who was happy to see anyone at the vet's office.

Anonymous said...

Wow - when you mentioned Soxy's hurdle (I caught it on FB) I thought you meant she was hurdling to escape! I had no idea a pooch could be excited to be AT the vet! :) Nice! (My dog had the reputation of flying because he was trying to fly away when they opened the kennel. LOL)