Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sense of Direction = 0

I decided to save a little money yesterday and take the Parkway East to PSUGA instead of the turnpike. However, my GPS would not recognize PSUGA (or the longer version) so I didn't know where to turn off of the Parkway. I did remember that when I got off of the turnpike it was my first left, so I got off at the exit that said "Turnpike". Well, that put me onto the turnpike. The gentleman in the booth was nice enough to tell me to turn around at the end of the ticketing area and get back off. However, this really added to my drive-time as I had to wait to give my ticket to the exit gentleman. Then, when the GPS finally recognized the address, it took me about 15 minutes out of my way to get me to campus.

I got to campus 40 minutes later than I thought I would. When I got there I realized my syllabi were not copied for me as I had forgotten to resend them to the school secretary after some required changes by the Administration department. So, with 15 minutes until class I had to run 37 copies of a 5 page syllabus and collate them because the copier doesn't do that. Of course, the copier decided to jam and run out of paper, etc. etc. My students must think I am a complete airhead as I ran into class 2 minutes before it began, completely frazzled, and unorganized. Those of you that know me know I hate to be unorganized. I apologized to the class and promised it would be better on Thursday. I can only hope it is.

I do know that I will be taking the Turnpike from now on!!


Carol said...

Sorry you got off to a rough start. I'm sure Thursday you'll be cool and very ready.

Murphy's Law - when you're in a hurry, the printer always jams.

Mo Evans said...

Ugh! What a rough start. Thursday has to go better! :-)