Friday, August 28, 2009

Directions and Mice

Well, Thursday definitely went better than Tuesday. I got to campus on time, managed to get my parking pass, and was not a complete disorganized professor come class time. I did forget to copy one form, but it just provided my students a break from homework, so they didn't mind. I took the turnpike and didn't need any help getting to campus, it was like I had just been there yesterday.

However, before I left I took some papers downstairs and there was a little mouse in the windowsill. I am not a fan of mice so I called D to find out what to do. Turns out he was in meeting and the guys got a good laugh, but the lady stuck up for me. When I left for class I couldn't find him and was glad, but I closed the basement door just in case. Turns out I closed the basement door for nothing. When I got home I was standing in the kitchen talking to D on the phone and I saw this little guy crawl right under the door and run into the dining room. I freaked and once again had D tell me what to do. Then I found a chair where I could put my feet up and wait for D to come home and get the mouse.

Soxy tried, but was easilky distracted by the birds outside. Eventually, after D got home and we started looking for the entrypoint, I came upstairs to get something and saw Soxy staring at the coat closet. I opened the door and she got the mouse!

Soxy 1 Mouse 0!

She was rewarded with a treat, a walk, and lots of praise and thanks!

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cassie-b said...

I'm glad yesterday went better.

and I hate mice as well.