Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Reunion Update

Had a blast as always! It was great weather this year as I didn't have to hide in the room because of the heat. Even though I had a migraine part of the time, I didn't let that stop me much. D had to put up with some serious health issues with me on Friday night. Luckily all was better by Saturday!

Friday was a fabulous dinner with everyone eating about the same time...we couldn't get anywhere to take our reservation, so we did the best we could.

Saturday was the golf tournament, the talent show, and the performance. It was fabulous as always. Then Saturday night we all got pizza and ate under the pavillion. After that the kids went to Adventureland and D and I followed shortly afterwards.

When we all met back at the pavillion, the "younger" crowd wanted to go out and so did I. I was the oldest one with our group at the bar that night, but I had a blast. My younger cousins are a lot of fun.

I had a great time, as always, at the reunion and it was great to see everyone.

Here is a photo of all the girls from the reunion...

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cassie-b said...

I'm so glad the weather was on your side and you had such a good time.

I love the picture!