Monday, July 6, 2009

Can't Believe...

that I posted a Fourth of July post everywhere but on my own blog. I hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July.

We had some friends from D's MBA program over for a cookout and then watched some fireworks.

We have yet to celebrate our anniversary with dinner, but are hoping to do that this evening...every year we try to go back to the restaurant where we had our wedding luncheon.

Yesterday we converted the closet in our home office into a desktop and storage. D is working in the area right now. Later I hope to snap a picture to post. Also, I still need to take our annual photo for the "wedding/anniversary" album that Beth was nice enough to buy us for our wedding. Every year, on or near our anniversary, we take a picture of our "family" and it has already been fun to see the changes over the years (OK...not the changes to my waistline, but the changes in us as a couple).

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cassie-b said...

We had a nice family 4th of July - and saw some fireworks from our home in the late evening.

Happy Anniversary!