Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Thoughts and Prayers Requested

D's grandmother, who is very much my grandmother also, is in the hospital recovering from a fall and reulting hip surgery for a broken hip. She came through the surgery OK, but she is 88 years old and sharp as a tack...and stubborn as an ox. She is planning on going back home when she gets released from the hospital. She lives in a 2-story home by herself...D's dad has been working on creating a bedroom downstairs for Grandmother and it is coming along beautifully...albeit slowly since both boys work and can only help on the weekends.

Thoughts and prayers are requested that Grandmother makes a full recovery and that D's Dad doesn't collapse from exhaustion from trying to get the room complete before Grandmother comes home. Also, prayers for D's Mom who has been running back and forth from the hospital to her house for much needed sleep for almost a month now. I can't imagine having a sick mother and trying to take care herself, as she has also been sick during this time.

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Chris said...

OK, I am praying like crazy.
This being the Lenten season hopefully will help as well.
Know that you guys are in my thoughts and prayers!