Monday, January 20, 2014

Determined to Let Some Things Go

In every life there are things that are out of our control and those we are still determined we can control. I am determined to:

1. Get over the fact that Christmas stuff is half boxed up and half still up. D has a sore back and I'm on day 10 of a migraine. I tried to carry some boxes and ended up with chest pains. To keep my New Year's resolution, I had to stop packing!

2. My friend is getting worse. I want to help him, his wife, and his kids...I visited last week, I took pictures, told stories, and gave hugs. Those are the only tools I have to offer. I also offered to do the eulogy because I know his wife and mother won't be able to... Not sure I can either, but he always joked that I talk too much; I owe him one more time . ;-)

3. The semester is back in full swing. Three classes and lots of new personalities to figure out. Lesson plans and related work is back in full swing.

4. Applying for full-time jobs is also back in full swing as local positions are starting to pop up.

5. Edits on the book are moving much slower than I'd hoped. Still moving forward, but at a snail' space. Still shooting for end of January to get it back to my publisher.

6. The house needs cleaned, the laundry needs put away.

Comparatively none of these are near what others are going through; but I am determined to get this all done or let go and let God without having a nervous breakdown!

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