Thursday, June 13, 2013

FOCUS on Writing

Yes, I am still deeply embedded in the job hunt, but right now I have other things to keep me busy. If you remember earlier I mentioned several possible publications...well, the Public Relations case study has been approved for publication and the edits have been submitted. I have also done some freelance writing for a design firm in Pittsburgh.

The BIG news is that my dissertation has been picked up for publication in a Social Media series! I am in the process of editing my dissertation to read more like a book than a compilation of other people's work. I am my own worst editor, but I have no choice. It is moving slowly because I am too close to the project. But the things most worth it aren't easy, right?

If you responded to my survey several years ago, I may be contacting you for permission to use your story in the book. I hope you say yes!

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