Saturday, May 18, 2013

Focus on Grandmother!

My tribute to Grandmother at her funeral:

D's Mom always says that I am just like Grandmother and then tells me it is not a compliment. I think being like Grandmother is the best compliment that anyone could pay me. Grandmother might have been stubborn, but she lived the life she wanted, the way she wanted. At 93 years old she still lived in her own home and by her own rules. Grandmother had many adventures with Duke, her sister-in-law and very dear friend. To have a family and friends that love me as much as Grandmother’s family and friends love her would be a wonderful life. I have heard stories of travels around the world and stories of trips for banana splits while popping balloons with her grandson. All of these stories were told with love and smiles. Grandmother loved to tell stories of her family and her last wish was to see everyone she loved. That even included D's brother lifting our dog, Soxy, up so that Grandmother could see her and know she was in the house.

Grandmother found her true love and had a wonderful life with him. She even wanted nothing more than to take her last breath in the home they shared together. She raised three wonderful children and has a multitude of grandchildren and great-grandchildren that love her very much. Her sisters came to visit every Sunday demonstrating a great love for her. People do not love someone that much who is not worthy of their love. If I could possibly have half the love and respect that Grandmother did while living the life I love and doing it in my own way, like Grandmother did, I will have lived a life worth remembering.

Grandmother was a very wise woman and passed on that wisdom to others. Just a few that she reiterated in the past week that will stay with me forever include that family is most important; to surround yourself with those you love and that love you; and that when you say you will love someone forever, there is no changing that. Those rules are even more reasons that those who knew Grandmother loved her and why so many people have come to say goodbye to her the last several days. But I prefer not to say goodbye because  I hope it is only 'til we meet again.

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