Saturday, August 18, 2012

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These are questions raised by my research. What are your thoughts?

1. Is email "old" technology?
2. Are conversations at a gathering "private"? Should they not be shared on the Internet?
3. Do you get upset when someone you are with checks email, Facebook, etc.?
4. Is multi-tasking bad or good?
5. How do you / do you use Second Life?


MC said...

I will answer!

1. I don't think it's old technology, but I find that a lot of people send Facebook messages instead of emailing now. I guess it's nice that you get a notification on your phone when you get a message on FB, which you might not get on your email. I don't email too many people.

2. Is that like a chat session? I think if it's among a group of online friends, you should use the same "rules" you would for an IRL conversation.

3. I am guilty of doing this all the time, so I can't judge if someone does this while around me.

4. I think that multitasking has added to the chaos in my own head, quite honestly. I should probably unplug for a while to get myself back into a centered place.

5. I don't know what that is!

Liberty said...

1. Old is relative. I think there are other types of tech communication that are squeezing out email. Just like I used to bemoan my mom's lack of tech expertise, "Mom, just EMAIL it to me!" my kids are now griping at me, "MOM... just TEXT it to me!"

2. It depends on the gathering and the people with whom you're sharing conversations, and the topics at hand. It also depends on where and how they are shared online.

3. Not usually. I do feel annoyed when the huz is checking Twitter while we're on a date. It's rude and shows a lack of attentiveness when I need him to be investing in us. I would also be offended if I were with a friend specifically seeking support/advice/time/attention and the friend kept checking his/her phone.

4. Like most moms, I'm a multitasker by nature, but most of the studies I've read show that switching between tasks actually is *less* efficient than just doing one thing at a time. I find that when I can make myself stop and focus on one thing at a time, I'm far more invested and interested in that task. And yet... well, it's a hard habit to break.

5. I don't. I've heard of Second Life and watched videos and read articles about it, but it never seemed like something I should delve into. I have a hard enough time staying present "in real life" without an alternate life begging to be lived.

MaureenJE said...

Late, but hopefully they help...

1. I don't think email is old technology, but I don't feel like people use it as much anymore. My experience is that people prefer to text or use messages within Facebook or LinkedIn to contact me more often now.

2. Interesting question. I think it would depend on the conversation topic. Overall, I don't think I would share such a conversation on the Internet, but I think I might be more conservative than most.

3. Yes, I think it is rude for someone to check email, Facebook, etc. when they are with someone else. I understand that urgent things do come up but I have felt slighted by a friend doing that while we were having dinner together.

4. I do multi-task and probably will continue to do so, but the more I read and think about it, the more I realize that it probably is not so productive after all. While driving, I've come to realize that multi-tasking is especially dangerous!

5. I don't use Second Life.