Monday, August 1, 2011

Sorry for Being MIA

It has been a crazy month or so. First of all, I feel like crap and had to wear a heart monitor for two weeks...including while I was on vacation at Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH. I had a good time with my family...we take over most of the motel where we stay. Only a good time because during the day I had to stay in the motel room because of the heat and my health issues. They think I might be in atrial fibrillation again...but I won't know for sure until Wednesday.

Also, I have been writing my little heart out trying to get my dissertation completed. I am still on Chapter 1 so I don't think I will be finished by September 1. Today we are going to pick up y niece and she is going to come visit for the week. I hope she remembers to bring something to keep herself occupied while I am writing and D is working. Soxy will keep her entertained, I'm sure.

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