Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beach Vacation on the Horizon

I apologize for being MIA lately...I swore I would get better at blogging this year. I have been busy reading and writing and trying to keep my house in a semblence of order the past month or so. To that end, I finally had the VVA pick up the 12 (yes, 12) bags of clothes we wanted to donate and had been lying around for over 3 months. That definitely helped clear things up quite a bit.

On a more relaxing note, our vacation to Cape May, NJ is only 2 weeks away!!! I am so excited to get my toes in the sand and so thankful that we have family that comes to stay with Soxy when we travel...there is no worries about if she is enjoying the kennel or afraid we aren't coming back (she is a pound rescue after all).

Can't wait to show D Cape May! He has never been there before and I fell in love on my first trip, years ago. Since it has been at least 7 years since I was there, if you have traveled there more recently is there anywhere we need to make sure that we see?

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